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Inquiry: Video disable while watching TV or DVD videos. There is a caution for safety shut-down.

a. It’ll be normal if the car is running and the safety caution will appear on the screen.
b. Please double-check the circuit if videos remain unavailable when the car stops with hand brake on. Take care of wrong power line connects. The brake cable is the cathode line to be connected to the ground. Never connect it with +12V lines such as auto-controlling lines of antennas.
c. If you can see videos without safety caution on the screen while driving, maybe the brake cable is incorrectly connected to the cathode. You need to have a check of the circuit. (This is prohibited in some countries).
d. You can set it up on the interface directly with our machines for VW Magoton.

Inquiry: Failure to start up

Reply: a. Please check the connection of the power wire. Extra lines should be wrapped up to avoid short circuit, such as the antenna and PA Control lines.
b. Please make sure the fuse is in good condition. Normally, a fuse is of 10A to 15A. It burns out only when being connected falsely or under short circuit. In that case, you need to change another one of the same specifications and check the circuit.
c. Also it may be the self-protection of the machine while encountering power supply voltage or current abnormalities. Please cut off the power or reboot system by pressing the “Res” button.
d. Our existing machines contain canbus line, aiming at cars with or without canbus. Thus, there may be some difference in wire connection. We’ll offer instructions to customers to change the circuit according to your feedback.

Inquiry: The voice of the speaker is abnormal when watching video or listening to music for a long time while the car is parked.

Reply: a. Maybe there is a lack of power, low voltage or low current. If so, please stop watching instantly as the machine can’t work properly at the moment.
b. Or maybe the connector of the speaker is not well wrapped up.

Inquiry: Blurred or blank screen

Reply: The machine crashes. Please cut off the power or press the “Res” button to restart the machine. - Few channels can be searched by the radio. a. Please turn off the AF function of RDS before you search for channels. You may continue after it finishes automatic search and saves channels.
b. Please make sure the antenna is correctly connected.

Inquiry: No signals for GPS

Reply: a. Please make sure the antenna is connected correctly.
b. Please make sure the port setting of the map is proper. Normally, it should be set as automatic or at COM2 Mode with baud rate of 9600bps(Specific to different hardware).

Inquiry: No verbal instruction while in GPS mode

Reply: Please check whether the machine is in silent mode.

Inquiry: DVB-T with no TV channels

Reply: a. Please make sure your DVB-T antenna is correctly installed.
b. Please make sure you’ve selected the right region for your DVB-T.
c. Please either click Stop and then Save when it has searched channels or let it search and save automatically.

Inquiry: Bluetooth disconnected

Reply: a. Please make sure you’ve opened Bluetooth function. If not, please go to the Bluetooth interface, click “matching” to search mobile equipment, then enter password to accept the matching(Password is enclosed in users’ manual).
b. Please try another phone in case that the Bluetooth equipment of your phone does not match with that of the machine(Presently, the Bluetooth of the machine is not compatible with that of some phones).
c. Clear the history records of Bluetooth connections in the phone.

Inquiry: Static on the line when talking via Bluetooth

Reply: Actually, it is normal with more or less static on the line, same as hands-free function of cell phones. Please adjust the position and distance of the cell phone (generally, not too far away from the machine) if it is badly influenced. If the situation continues, please try another cell phone.

Inquiry: Limited Map Updated

Reply: a. Please note that the map we provide is the cracked version which can’t update automatically.
b. To ensure the normal use and avoid accidental failure, please back-up the map before using.

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